The Recluse

July 1, 2009

In case you ppl are wondering why i’ve been dead lately, it is due to the recluse factor. Every time summer starts, I become anti-social (dead) for about a month or so. Due to laziness.
Talking→Thinking of topics to talk about→Gossip→Long hours of conversation→Effort
Recluse factor: Rosy + Effort = ×
Effort = Socializing + Thinking + Talking
I bet you guys thot that i’ve been watching dramas non-stop WHICH ISN’T ENTIRELY TRUE xP
Well aside from being anti-social cuz i’m lazy, Here are a few things that
I recommend doing 😀
1. Watching City Hall (krn drama): Kim Sunah’s in it 😀 She’s hilare 🙂

2. Reading Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely, Ink Exchange & Fragile Eternity ❤
3. Reading the Summoning and the Awakening ❤
4. Drink Aloe Vera Mineral water (it tastes amazing =D)
5. Instead of pestering me to go on msn and such, CALL ME. I respond to phone calls =P, I'll go on msn when I feel like it…which will probably take awhile
6. Love you guyz =D, we'll definitely chill, IF U CALL ME D:<



June 11, 2009

Zomg first blog thingy. So here was my day TODAY =D

Well i slept at 2 yesterday doing random stuff such as utubing and watching trailers. i didn’t really feel like sleeping =l

SO i woke up this morning (well my mom forced me to) to order my brother a b-day cake since his b-day is tmr. I really wanted to get an ice cream cake, but when we got to Baskin Robbins, the stupid cake was like 60$. So we went to an asian bakery and ordered one. I HATE ASIAN BAKERIES. THEIR CAKES TASTE LIKE NOTHING. Screw non-fattening cakes, asian cakes are SO PLAIN, they make me sad )= Plus the bakery lady wasn’t nice when my mom asked if she could make it sweeter. Cheryl, teach me how to bake one day =D i don’t ever want to eat an asian cake again. Except for their buns which are always yummy =)

Afterrrr i saw a BBQ place so i asked my mom to buy me some bbq meat which TASTED AMAZING. JEN IT WAS FRIKIN DELICIOUS. oh and i think i saw Tiffany with her mom, but iun think she recognized me cuz i was wearing glasses.

What made this day good was that i got to sleep for 2 hours after getting home, waking up at 4 :D. What sucks is that i didn’t have time to go on the comp til like 6:30.

Gosh i’m such a n00b @ blogging. I’ll need to learn more so i can mess with the themes and stuff. I STILL NEED PHOTOSHOP. GIMP SUX )= SOME1 LEND ME PS PL0X.

ohh Song of the day =)
I think it’s the perfect start for my first blog =D
Carol i think i’m not gonna go to ur beach party, i have to help my mom take care of my brother. Cuz my dad isn’t home and he won’t be home until late, and my mom definitely needs help. I woulda so went if it was on 20th, but Deni doesn’t want to change. So maybe you and Serina can organize a beach party for gr12z and their gr10 friends ;DDD